Hummingbird and dating

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Hometown: Columbine About: This is my first time on a pollinator site, my heart’s beating as fast as my wings!

I spend a lot of time out in the garden and have been called feisty more than once! Want to spend a sunny afternoon traveling from watering hole to watering hole? I’m sometimes mistaken for a hummingbird, but I’m all moth baby!

So it can feel like the odds are stacked against you—take a look at these statistics: In other words, on average, if you send an email to a hundred people, thirty of …

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Hometown: Ground Pinks, San Diego and Riverside Counties, California About: I’m a rare breed, so take notice gents.But today, that same company will turn right around and start asking you to leverage your social media outlets. As a result, the line between business and personal can become a bit hazy. Read More There is a lot of advice out there about branding yourself, your business, and a combination of the two.Whatever you choose, you do not just have to communicate that brand publicly.That’s why, it may just be time for pollinators to jump onto the online dating scene (cough*Bumble*).If they had dating profiles, they may look something like this…Hometown: Milkweed, USAAbout: Travel is life!! I’m looking for someone not afraid of crowds, traveling long distances or birds. Hit me up if you want epic adventure and are comfortable navigating the monarch highway.

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