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He spent his whole rugby career at Rosslyn Park, playing until he was 41.

When he retired in 1989 he was elected club president, turning up for the annual dinner on his Triumph motorbike in jeans and a T-shirt proclaiming: “I ate before I came.” He had a thing about T-shirts, sporting one on a Lions tour reading: “I’m so perfect it scares me.” He became deputy general manager of the United Bank of Kuwait, where he took pleasure in arriving for work by bicycle or motorbike wearing a bowler hat and carrying a rolled umbrella.

But the compact can only be used up to eight times.

Ripley once found himself with two boot sponsors to please — a problem he resolved by wearing a different boot on each foot.

Andrew George Ripley was born in Liverpool on December 1 1947 and educated at Greenway comprehensive school in Bristol and the University of East Anglia.

He started playing rugby only at university at the age of 19, having been at a school that favoured association football.

A chartered accountant himself, he also ran a company called Dart for training accountants and another, Incredibly Fit Co, for marketing rugby gear.

He was a director of Esprit health clubs in London.

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